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Travelers Health News Juni 2011

  • Dengue Fever
  • Measles
  • Intestinal Infections
  • EHEC-Infections (Entrohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli)

Travelling with children – what should be kept in mind?

In order for the summer holiday to be a pleasant, relaxing experience for parents and children, a few tips should be kept in mind:

Whether a long-distance trip or a holiday in the surrounding area is planned, it is advisable to have children’s vaccination cards checked by a paediatrician.

The paediatrician will determine whether the standard vaccinations are complete, in accordance with the STIKO (Standing committee on vaccination) vaccination schedule recommendations.


What to do in the case of jet lag?

The disturbance of the sleep-wake cycle following long-distance flights is referred to as ‘jet lag’.

The cause is our inner clock which, after crossing several time zones, is not yet adjusted to the new local time at the destination.

The direction of the flight also plays an important role: Flights from east to west, resulting in lengthening of the sleep-wake cycle, are much easier to adjust to than flights toward the east, which shorten the sleep-wake cycle.

Fear of flying – what can you do about it?

Are you one of those people who feel queasy and uncomfortable at the mere thought of flying? If so, you suffer from a fear of flying (aviophobia), a fear that should by no means be underestimated.

It is a surprising phenomenon, since most people who suffer from it know very well that according to statistical analyses, modern passenger planes are the safest form of transportation. However, this theoretical knowledge is of no assistance to those affected: For them flying is always accompanied by fear, an undesirable situation that makes air travel difficult or even impossible.

Here you can learn what symptoms are typical, and what you can do about it.

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