liquids security information

What airline passengers should know: At present, liquids and comparable products with similar consistencies (including creams, gels, lotions, sprays, shampoos and toothpaste, for example) may be carried only in limited quantities in small individual containers.

  • Containers of up to 100 ml continue to be permitted, transported in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre.
  • The bag may enclose any number of containers, but must be completely sealed.
  • Only one such bag per passenger is permitted; at the checkpoint it must be removed from carry-on luggage to be x-rayed separately.
  • Only re-sealable plastic bags are permitted (e.g. commercially available plastic bags with a so-called ‘zip-lock’).
  • Medication and special foods (e.g. baby food) required on board during the flight can also be carried outside of the plastic bag. Passengers must likewise present these at the checkpoint separately from other carry-on luggage, and must justify their necessity in a plausible manner.

Our tips and services for you:

  • Obtain the required bag early, and pack it before leaving home with the liquids and similar products that you wish to carry in your hand luggage. Of course these bags are also available at our Metropolitan Pharmacies.
  • For medication purchased at the Metropolitan Pharmacy, we will be glad to provide you with documentation for presentation at the checkpoint.
  • If your medications or other goods such as cosmetics are not already supplied by us in suitable containers, we will be glad to put them into 100-ml containers for you.
  • Have you brought other goods with you, but no suitable containers? Of course we will transfer the goods to another container for you, so that you can take them with you on holiday.


Sealed bag procedure for cosmetics from duty-free shops

Goods purchased on the day of the flight at the Metropolitan Pharmacy in the transit area of Terminal 2 at the Munich Airport will of course be packed by us in a transparent, sealed bag, which you can take through the security check. This bag must contain a document readable from the outside that specifies the place and date of purchase.

 This procedure also ensures that passengers can change planes with duty-free goods with no problem at other EU airports. The bag must remain closed and sealed until the end of the final stage of air travel.