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01. Juni 2012

Earn miles: Gain health, beauty, vitality and air miles all at the same time!

Take advantage of our extensive offerings, and let your air miles account experience healthy growth. At our airport pharmacies and online shop, for every euro of goods purchased you will be awarded one air mile.* Simply present your Miles & More card at our Metropolitan Pharmacies or enter your Miles & More card number at our online shop.

11. Mai 2010

After a long dark winter, spring with its beautiful bright days is finally here.

While most people look forward to it, for many who are allergic to pollen it becomes problematic when the late tree blossoms bloom at the same time as the grass flowers.

01. April 2010

Summer is almost here, and with it the fulfilment of various travel dreams.

However, this is accompanied by the risk of venous thrombosis, also known as ‘economy class syndrome’.
Although those with vein problems are especially affected, in fact everyone is at risk.

Particularly in the aeroplane, the flow of the blood stream slows due to prolonged sitting and limited freedom of movement; this can result in the congestion of blood in the legs.

09. März 2010

Cellulite, the most important facts – and effective recommendations

The connective tissue of women is much more elastic than that of men.
This is useful for pregnancy – but not good for the appearance.
The parallel fibres of connective tissue permit bulging fat cells to push through – which unfortunately are visible!

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