The magazin Apotheken Umschau as metaktiv TV

The special Apotheken Umschau: metaktiv TV appears every 14 days – our issue of the well-known pharmacy magazine with valuable information concerning health and well-being!

As the only pharmacy co-operative, we receive the in germany well-known Apotheken Umschau with our own design.

In addition to the established content of this popular, most widely read pharmacy health magazine, you will therefore discover many things worth knowing about your 'met': Everything concerning our locations, opening hours and telephone numbers, as well as information about our metcard customer cards. Every 14 days we present interesting product recommendations or introduce one of our co-operation partners to you.

You can also look forward to four pages of TV programmes covering each day! This includes an overview of the most important health broadcasts, which are identified in the programme section.

Customers of the met receive metaktiv TV every 14 days free of charge at our pharmacies – be sure to obtain your copy!

Would you like to take a look now? Here is an excerpt from our current issue of metaktiv TV.