The magazine Gesund durch Homöopathie (Healthy through homeopathy)

More and more people are becoming aware of the gentle, natural healing form of therapy referred to as ‘homeopathy’, the basic principle of which is that ‘like heals like’. Studies indicate that one-quarter of the population is comprised of ‘convinced’ users of homeopathic products.

We offer our interested customers the free magazine of the Deutschen Homöopathie Union (DHU, German homeopathy union).

In connection with the countless books about homeopathy available on the market, the magazine of the DHU also takes up current topics, always providing extensive additional information concerning homeopathy.

The customer magazine entitled Gesund durch Homöopathie (Healthy through homeopathy) has interesting articles about the use of homeopathic preparations, as well as profiles of various ingredients of homeopathic pharmaceuticals. Many contributions indicate the diverse fields of application of the small pellets and the fascinating effects they can induce.

In each issue you will also find contributions on seasonal and current topics, such as hay fever, colds or sleep disorders. The role that can be played by the use of homeopathic remedies for these complaints is explained in the interesting articles. Moreover you are provided with extensive additional information concerning the ‘disorders’ which can bring about an alleviation of the complaints.

For many users this healing method also constitutes an awareness of life, which is reflected in the magazine. For this reason, the magazine also deals with topics such as well-being and lifestyle. Under these headings you can find articles which discuss the great diversity of circumstances associated with the different phases of life. For supplementary reading and detailed information of course you are also provided with book tips. The magazine also includes a few puzzles and a page of useful knowledge for children.

Obtain your free copy four times per year.