Vaccination consultation for long-distance trips

Are you planning a long-distance trip? In this case, it is possible that every day may count in terms of prevention by means of protective immunisation. Inform yourself early concerning the risks at your chosen destination, and how you can protect yourself.
Simply fill out the medical travel planner online, so that we can provide you with qualified advice. Our personnel who are trained in travel medicine will contact you in order to propose an individual computer-assisted travel vaccination consultation.

Travel planner Image

Our delivery service – we ‘fly’ for you

Are you a customer of the Metropolitan Pharmacy, have a metcard and urgently require a pharmaceutical or other item from our range of products? If so, in case of need simply request ‘same day delivery’. If desired, use our easy, convenient express delivery service: We will bring the medications you order directly to the office – discreetly, and on the same day.

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