mettravel – our goal is your health

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure: There is much we can do to ensure that you stay healthy during your trip – or that you quickly recover your health.

We can inform you concerning infectious and tropical diseases, advise you on the subject of travelling with children – and even do something to counteract jet lag! In this way we have helped many customers to overcome their fear of flying. Our special services for those travelling by air:

  • The mettravel passport – so that you are always well-organised en route
  • The complete travel first-aid kit – for adults and children, including homeopathic remedies, if desired
  • The Outbreak telegram – informs you on a daily basis concerning current infectious diseases worldwide

Will you be making a long-distance trip? Then use our computer-assisted vaccination counselling online. And please don’t hesitate to call our specialists from the mettravel team, telephone: 01805/638 46 36 (0.14 €/minute within Germany).