metvital – for your physical and mental fitness

Why think about your own health only when you are ill? It is worthwhile to do something for it every day. Those who are physically and mentally fit perform better in private and professional life and, above all, enjoy life more.

We know how important goal-oriented prevention and conscious nutrition are for your health and for helping you to remain vital – whether it is a matter of tips for the right sport, recommendations for appropriate nutritional supplements or assistance in weight management.

For years the 'met' has enhanced its expertise in the field of fitness and preventive health care, and in the meantime has developed its own series of vital products, available only from us. Speak with our metvital team experts, and have them provide you with detailed advice. Our offerings include:

  • metvital special preparations – an extra dose of fitness for athletes and frequent flyers
  • metvital nutritional supplements – offered exclusively by your met, including micronutrients
  • Affordable products with optimal doses
  • metvital health card – so that you have a clear overview of your body measurements at hand

Here too you can see how consistently we act to offer you the best possible service: Several of our metvital products were developed in close collaboration with doctors especially for our customers.